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I Used To Think Losing Weight Was Hard...... Then I found The Only Way To Lose Weight that makes sense:
  • Discover uncommon Weight Loss Strategies that have nothing to do with food, exercise or pills, and that can help  melt pounds fast. 
  • Learn why we keep putting the weight back on after going off a Diet, and how to end the cycle for once and for all. 
  • Learn the exact steps I used to  go from feeling heavy, and hopeless, to dropping weight consistently for 10 months, while feeling stronger and more confident.
  • PLUS: Exactly  how to shed 7-10 lbs in 21 days, and a lot more after...  by  using surprising Eating Psychology Tricks, even with a slow metabolism......
"This free mini-workshop will teach you everything you need to know about losing tons of  weight without dieting.  Understanding eating psychology, and the two pieces of the weight loss puzzle, is the first step to achieving the ideal weight and keeping it off. Achieving a goal weight (even with a slow metabolism), isn't nearly as hard as you think and this free mini-course will show you why."

- Jimena Lerma, Certifed Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach
Stop Dieting, Start Losing Weight!
"My Jeans Now Slip Off My Hips, and My Cravings Have Receded"

Jimena’s program worked for me not because it contained a magic combination of foods to make me skinny (though she gives you lots of great information about nutrition and the recipes are good), but because she taught me how to stop beating myself up. My inner critic has been replaced with a much more forgiving voice.
Jimena didn't simply tell me how to lose weight, she has actually helped me change my relationship with food. When I have a bowl of ice cream and feet bad, it's no longer because I'm mad at myself for indulging, it's because it turns out ice cream makes me feel physically pretty gross.
This mental shift has been huge for me. I’ve been dieting since I hit puberty. Jimena’s program is the only one that hasn’t led to me obsessively weighing and measuring myself (or my food). Instead she’s helped me get over the fact that my body isn’t perfect, think of food as enjoyable and nourishing, and yes, to lose weight. And while weight loss was the whole point originally, it now feels like a happy byproduct of making peace with food and with my body. Thank you, Jimena! ~ Courtney K 

" I Lost 10 pounds the first month"
Jimena is the only nutritionist that has motivated me to eat healthy out of self- conviction, and not as a punishment for wanting to lose weight. Her guidelines are easy to follow, and do not involve counting, measuring, or following a specific meal plan. In one month I lost 10 pounds following her advice, and I’ve been losing weight consistently ever since". ~Vivian 

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